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Serving Southern California, our commercial door repair and installation services are second to none .We've helped countless organizations with door repair and door installation needs

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Quality Door Repair and Door Installation You Can Trust!

Are you a business, industrial company or government agency in Hollywood looking for door repair or door installation? At Specialty Doors weÔÇÖve helped a wide variety of businesses in Hollywood and Los Angeles with all of their door needs from basic door repairs to studio doors and much more. We are a full-service door repair company that is built on providing the highest quality customer service matched with competitive prices.

If your business or agency is in need of emergency door repair in Hollywood please contact us immediately! We are available 24/7.

Finding a quality door repair company that you can trust can be tough. Too many companies promise ÔÇ£great customer serviceÔÇØ, but at Specialty Doors, we take great pride in satisfying all of our customers both large and small.

From government organizations, movie studios, hospitals, large corporations, small businesses, universities, sports stadiums and gyms, and docks, we can provide the best service available than any of our competitors!

We donÔÇÖt just deal with door repairs, we will also repair and install:


-Operable walls

-Fire doors

-Traffic doors

-Door levelers


-Sound proof doors


-State doors

-Impact doors


Specialty Doors is the trusted name in the Hollywood area for door repair. DonÔÇÖt believe us, ask around! The quality of product and services we provide canÔÇÖt be beat! DonÔÇÖt let a door repair trouble you with countless calls to repair companies. Call a company you can trust!

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