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anaheim-commercial-door-installationCommercial doors are an important aspect of security and traffic control on business properties. When these doors are closed, they’re budge-proof and won’t allow any unauthorized personal in. If you store expensive equipment, important data, or merchandise on your commercial property, you need a solid door. We at Specialty Doors Automation can install one for you. Here’s a brief description of the Anaheim commercial door installation process:

1. Decide on the Type of Door You Need

We install all kinds of doors, including traffic, acoustical, accordion, fire or smoke, strip, cold storage, Dutch, elephant door as well as grilles, sliding walls, dock levelers, gates. If you’re uncertain about what kind of door you need, you can call us and speak with our installation experts. They will take note of your requirements, budget, and other such factors before they recommend the right door for you.

2. Assessment and Measurements

Once we have details about your requirements and preferences, we will send a team of expert technicians to your location to assess the doorway and take measurements. They will also come up with a plan to remove or dismantle your old door if you have one. You can discuss your requirements and ask any questions you have regarding the door material or design during this visit.

3. Preparation

The next step is to prepare the area for the new door installation. Our team will meticulously dismantle the old door and provide solutions for disposal of the waste material. Once the old door is removed, we look at the condition of the frame, doorway, and the ground. Some doorways require the ground to be flat and even, while others require space on both sides of the frame to open fully. We take all of these factors into consideration and make sure the area is carefully prepared for the new Anaheim commercial door installation.

4. Installation

Door installation requires skill and experience. If the structure isn’t balanced and the doors aren’t set properly, they won’t open and close freely. In fact, poorly installed doors can quickly become damaged. If you want the structure to last, you need to hire Anaheim commercial door installation professionals.

You can get more information about door installation or hire our services when you get in touch with us at Specialty Doors and Automation. You can request a quote and or ask us questions by filling in this call back form. You can also give us a call at 1 888 801 9255.