Specialists in Commercial Door Repair / Installation

commercial accordion door repairAs a commercial property owner, you like to ensure your property is well-protected at all times; and the one way to do this is to get Commercial Accordion Doors installed. These doors are a very popular choice and there a number of varieties to choose from such as- accordion doors, vinyl accordion doors, accordion folding doors etc. Since every property is different, it’s important to understand which variant will be suitable for your specific requirement.

Commercial Accordion Doors Specialists

Specialty Doors + Automation is one of the leading companies in this space and we offer comprehensive line of high grade Commercial Accordion Doors at highly discounted pricing. Here are some of the varieties on offer and some facts about these doors:

  • Woodfold doors function as instant doors and walls when required. 
  • They have an exclusive steel hardware hinges at the top and bottom; these provide long time performance. 
  • These are custom-made doors that are made specifically for the space they are to be installed in. 
  • These doors also aid in space & energy conservation when they are used for zoning in air-conditioned spaces
  • You have the option to use panels made of either vinyl-lam surfaces or of hardwood.
  • The door pulls and lead posts are coordinated with the panels for a more cohesive look. 
  • These will be custom sized for Offices, Schools, Hotels, Restaurants, Churches, Shopping Centers etc. 
  • Select solid hardwoods are finely machined to very precise tolerances; they are then selected for color consistency & then assembled.
  • You will find Commercial Accordion Doors that also have Acoustical Vinyl Partitions and very good sound ratings. This makes them perfect for use in various commercial settings.

Accordion Door Installation Experts

While it’s important to opt for high quality products, its even more important to ensure that you have an experienced and credible company handling the job. We provide comprehensive Commercial Accordion Doors solutions that match your requirements to the tee. When you come to us with your requirements, we work very closely with you, to understand what your specific requirements are, and then provide solutions that are in line with your requirement and budget.

When you are looking for high quality Commercial Accordion Doors, you need look no further than Specialty Doors + Automation. We assure you the best products, top-notch service and the most reasonable pricing. For any more information about installation and repairs of these doors, call us at this number- 888-801-9255. You can also use this online form to send us queries, comments or concerns. We look forward to hearing from you.