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commercial-gate-installationCommercial gates are the easiest and most affordable way to improve a property’s security. While you should install a security system and cameras for added protection, gates are a good deterrent and will act as a first layer of security. At Specialty Doors and Automation, we encourage our customers to put some thought into purchase and installation of these gates. Here are some things to consider:

1. Hire a Company With a Good Reputation

Commercial gate installation is more complicated than it looks. You need to hire an installation company with a good reputation and experience in this industry. They should have licenses and certifications that prove their skill and experience. You can ask the installation company for references and speak with past clients as well. Companies with good reputations will choose good products and installation techniques so you can be sure that your newly installed gate is durable.

2. Choose the Right Gate for Your Property

Different commercial properties will require different kinds of gates. The most commonly used varieties are mentioned below:

-  Two-Door Sliding Gates – As the name suggests, this gate structure has two doors that slide open in opposite directions. These gates are ideal for large doorways that allow big vehicles to pass. Two-door sliding gates also don’t take as much time to open as single door sliding gates.

-  Swing Gates – Swing gates are ideal if you have no space on both sides of the path. They swing open so the gates don’t need space on the sides to slide to. However, these gates can only be installed on relatively even ground. If the ground has a slope, these gates won’t open.

-  Single Door Sliding Gates – Single door sliding gates are suitable for smaller doorways and they only need space on one side of the door.

3. Automated Gates

Most commercial property owners want to install automated gates on their property. While these are very convenient, you should make sure that they can open and close even when the motor isn’t working. This will allow you to operate the gate manually when the system fails and you won’t have to halt operations until the gate is repaired.

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