Specialists in Commercial Door Repair / Installation

FInding the right Culver City elephant door experts for repair and installation services is crucial for maintaining day to day business processes whether in production or industrial environments.   These doors typically range from 18 ft x 24 ft in size but we have the capabilities and experience in handling doors 30 ft to 40 ft high.  They are commonly used to suppress outside noise creating a controlled environment. Specialty Doors of CA has elephant doors in overhead, swinging, horizontal sliding or any other particular type of application you need for your business.  

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Culver City Stage Door Repair and Installation

In various industries, elephant doors are commonly referred to as "stage doors".  These elephant doors / stage doors, can block out noises from outside traffic, machinery, or any other sounds that need to be blocked out. These doors also can incorporate security and weather resistant features. We’ve installed blast doors as overhead doors, swinging doors, horizontal or sliding. If you have a special application needed, we can make that happen.

Culver City Elephant Door Key Features

The electric operator drives a roller chain that is concealed in the track, so no visible chain or cable is exposed.
Our panels are shipped in 4 to 5 foot widths so they are easier to handle and install at the site.
The larger the sliding door, the better for us.
30′ to 40′ high is not out of our scope of work.

culver city elephant door repair