Specialists in Commercial - Industry Door Repair / Installation

industrial-door-contractorsWhen you are getting doors installed on your industrial property, you want to make sure that these installations are strong and sturdy and that they are very long lasting too. Regardless of the quality of products used in the work, what is probably equally important is that you hire very reliable Industrial Door Contractors for the job.

Industrial doors see a significant amount of wear and tear and it goes without saying that any installations you use in these settings will have to be built to the highest standards. While every industry has very specific requirements, many settings need overhead sectional door installations. We at Specialty Doors + Automation handle this job in a very expert manner and focus on providing high grade solutions that are right in line with our clients’ requirements. Not only does this help in smooth operations, but also adds to the value of your business and property.

Choose reputed Industrial Door Contractors

When you choose us as your Industrial Door Contractors, you are assured of:

  • Tough doors made of the highest quality materials
  • Doors of different design and function 
  • Installations made with world class engineering
  • The doors we install are made to facilitate the easy storage of goods in your warehouses 
  • We use high grade materials and top quality craftsmanship in our work 
  • Prompt services 
  • Customized solutions
  • Services and products that fit into your budget

Overhead industrial door structure

The overhead doors are made up of a door leaf which shuts-off an opening in the building. The leaf has horizontally connected panels which are opened vertically. Dock levelers are typically used in combination with the dock doors. Since the doors see extreme operation and very heavy use, it’s important that these installations have easy operation and be of high quality. These doors are used in:

  • Distribution center
  • Dock areas
  • Loading/off-loading areas 
  • Warehouse and garages
  • Shop floors
  • Other

If you are looking for top notch Industrial Door Contractors you need look no further than Specialty Doors + Automation. We assure you the best products, top-notch service and the most reasonable pricing. For any more information about installation and repairs of these doors, call us at this number- 888-801-9255. You can also use this online form to send us queries, comments or concerns. We look forward to hearing from you.