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long-beach-accordion-door-installationSpace is valuable and most commercial property owners want to save as much as they can. Accordion doors are a perfect solution for people who want security without sacrificing too much space. Accordion doors are very compact and flexible so you can open just a section of the door to let a small vehicle in or open it fully for larger vehicles and equipment to pass through. We at Specialty Doors and Automations have installed several accordion doors and regularly provide Long Beach accordion door repair services so we understand how they work.

Common Accordion Door Repairs

Accordion doors are a great solution for smaller commercial properties but they can develop problems over time. Here are some of the most common issues with accordion doors:

Failure in the Automated System – Most commercial accordion doors are automated. The doors open and close with the help of motors and external control devices. If this system fails, the door will stop working and you will have to operate it manually until the system is repaired.

Lack of Flexibility – Accordion doors are flexible because they’re small door panels connected to one another that fold into place like a fan when they’re open. If one or two panels are jammed, the door won’t open fully or function well. This can be a big problem in commercial areas because jammed doors interrupt flow of traffic. If one of the door panels is jammed, you should call Long Beach accordion door repair services immediately.

Loose Accordion Door Panels – Door panels can also become loose and rattle in place. This usually happens to the end panels, especially if they’re not installed or anchored well. The end panels face more pressure and tend to become damaged faster when compared to the rest of the door.

If you face any problems with the door panels, you should stop using the door and hire a Long Beach accordion door repair professional immediately. If you continue to use the door, you risk damaging it further.

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