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los-angeles-accordion-door-repairAccordion Doors area very popular installation on commercial and industrial premises; these installations are ideal for various settings and are typically hung from an overhead track. The doors provide instant space division, whenever you require it. They doors have lead posts with a handle; you just have to grab this handle and then walk the door across its opening. The latch fits into the jamb receiver and holds the door in place.

Los Angeles Accordion Door Repair components

There are a number of tracking systems you can choose from and the ones you get installed will be dependent on the ceiling condition and weights. The doors also have components such as alignment channels and ceiling guards and these ensure the doors seal properly and don’t mar the ceiling in any way. Since these installations see a great deal of wear & tear in commercial spaces, there are times when issues arise in the different components of these doors, such as:

  • Impact resistant covers 
  • Pantograph
  • Sliders 
  • Steel ball bearing carriers
  • Nylon tires
  • Overhead tracks 
  • Adjustable lead carrier
  • Inter-locking keys in track 
  • Steel posts 
  • Multi-ply sweep strips
  • Pendant pulls 

Since many of these doors may see regular use, there could be times when some or the other component needs to be replaced or repaired. When this happens, you also need to be assured that there is a reliable company on call that will be able to fix the issue, reliably and efficiently.

The company you hire for Los Angeles Accordion Door Repair should be able to handle all types of repairs. They should use original spares in the work and provide guarantees for their services. This ensures the job will be done in an expert manner and that the accordion doors will work the way they should.

High grade Los Angeles Accordion Door Repair

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