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Elephant doors are a common fixture in movie studios and other such locations. They’re large, heavy, and automated and are considered an essential part of any set. If the elephant door stops working, the entire movie or television program production would stall, until it is repaired. At Specialty Doors and Automation, we offer expert Los Angeles elephant door repair services to our clients. Our goal is to ensure that your door starts working within the shortest possible time.

About Elephant Doors

Elephant doors are massive and they need to block out all the sound and disturbance from outside the studio. These doors can easily be 6 to 8 inches thick and very heavy. Modern doors are operated by motors but in the past, they were operated by people.

These doors serve several purposes; they’re big enough to let the set pieces and stage equipment come through. They help keep out the rain and snow, and maintain a good indoor environment. Since they have insulating properties, they help keep the heat outside in the summer. Needless to say, they always need to function well.


All modern elephant doors have motors and moving parts and they suffer considerable amount of wear and tear on a regular basis. If this door stops working, the entire production can come to a halt, which is why you need good Los Angeles elephant door repair service to address the problem. Here’s what you need to look for in a repair contractor:

  • Promptness – You need to get the door up and working as quickly as you can so you need to contact a professional who would respond quickly and repair the door within a day or two.

  • Skill and Experience – You need to hire someone who would repair the door quickly and efficiently because even a few hours of delay in filming can cost several thousand dollars.

  • Equipment – The contractor needs to have the right equipment to handle heavy doors and intricate machinery. Contractors that handle Los Angeles elephant door repair require a number of tools and equipment to carry out the repairs safely and quickly.

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