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los angeles traffic door repairTraffic doors essentially control the movement of traffic from one location to another. They act as barriers that don’t allow unauthorized people to enter the area, and are often used in industrial and commercial applications. These doors are subjected to a considerable amount of wear and tear; it’s vital to maintain them well to ensure they’re in a working condition at all times. At Specialty Doors and Automation, we believe that all Los Angeles traffic door repair needs to be done carefully.

Why Do Traffic Doors Need Frequent Repairs?

Traffic doors have to constantly endure heavy use and unfavorable conditions. Because these gates and doors have moving parts and are automated, the individual components like belts and motors tend to degrade and may have to be replaced at some time or the other. Here are some common reasons why you may require Los Angeles traffic door repair services.

  • Overuse – If the door is used on a near constant basis, you can expect the components to wear down quickly. While the mechanisms of most modern traffic doors are very resilient and durable, they will still need proper care and maintenance to extend their life.

  • Environmental Conditions – Extreme heat, cold, or moisture can easily damage the traffic doors. Heat and cold can cause the metal components to expand and contract while rain can lead to rust and other such damage. As traffic doors are usually exposed to these elements, it’s not surprising that LA conditions cause the doors to get damaged over time.

  • Improper Maintenance – The motor and components of the traffic doors need to be maintained well to ensure they work without trouble for a long time. This means all moving parts and gears need to be lubricated and clean. You should also call in a professional to inspect the system regularly, especially if the gates start making odd noises.

  • Impacts and Accidents – Traffic gates can endure some light impact; however, the force can damage the system and cause the gate to jam. In such cases, you need to hire a Los Angeles traffic door repair who’ll offer 24/7 services and repair the gate quickly.

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