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Elephant doors can be both large and small.  The average sizes of elephant doors is around 18 ft x 20 ft, but we have the capabilities to work on these types of doors 30 ft to 40 ft in height.  Businesses of all types use these elephant doors, commonly referred to as stage doors, for their capabilities for overall outside noise reduction issues. These doors are commonly used in the film production industry as well as aerospace industries and testing laboratories.  They are very sought after for their ability to provide noise reduction services and temperature control, and only a few companies have the full capabilities to repair or install elephant doors throughout Southern California.  

Specialty Doors + Automation takes great pride in being the top experts  when it comes to everything "elephant doors".  With over 2 decades of experience in working on these specific type doors, we have helped organizations both large and small with any elephant door needs they have.

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Pacific Palisades Stage Door Repair

Elephant doors are commonly referred to as "stage doors" as well aross industries.  Keeping your equipment in working order can save you trouble and downtime.This is why we have become the trusted elephant door and commercial door repair service in Pacific Palisades and throughout Los Angeles County.  We take pride in our work and reputation.  Customer service is a top priority for us and we offer 24/7 emergency services!

Pacific Palisades Elephant Door Help

Blast Door Increased Operational Efficiency
Extended Useful Life of Equipment
Reduced Likelihood of Blast Door Equipment Failure
Decreased Costly Downtime
Decreased Long-Term Repair Expense
Priority Scheduling for Service
24-hour Service and Repair

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