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strip-doors-los-angelesThere are many settings in which strip doors are used. These are made of vinyl strips and are one of the best and most cost-effective ways of separating spaces. They may also be referred to as strip curtains or PVC strip doors and the clear vinyl strips are set in such a way that they overlap each other. These doors are easy to install and their maintenance and replacement or repair is easy too.

Strip Doors for Less facts

  • Specialty Doors + Automation’s strip doors are extremely versatile, and are used in a wide range of applications, such a secondary barrier in places where any main door has to be left open to optimize work flow
  • They help eliminate unnecessary opening & closing of the main door and improve the flow of traffic ; this helps speed-up the movement of materials and people 
  • Strip Doors for Less are ideal for overhead loading dock doors
  • Prefect for walk-in freezers
  • Dividing areas within an industrial or commercial storage spaces
  • Freezer curtains also help reduce the heater wear
  • These installations help decrease filter maintenance & they lessen coil icing.
  • Strip doors protect against dirt, wind and noise; this helps protect equipment and supplies
  • They can remains pliable at temperatures that are as low as -20°F
  • The Strip Doors for Less that we provide can be used to cover large and small door openings; however, they provide easy pass-through for a forklift, transport cart or technicians. 
  • At times, these installations may also be used in air cooled storage spaces and they prevent up to 80-90% of air loss that might occur when the main doors on the facility are left ajar.
  • When our strip doors are used in industrial applications, it means there will be much less shrinkage, less food spoilage and much less frost building up on the coils. 
  • This helps in reduced wear & tear on the switches and motors
  • Their anti-static qualities helps keep dust at bay 
  • You can choose from a range of variants based on your specific needs.

When you are looking for high quality Strip Doors for Less, you need look no further than Specialty Doors + Automation. We assure you the best products, top-notch service and the most reasonable pricing. For any more information about installation and repairs of these doors, call us at this number- 888-801-9255. You can also use this online form to send us queries, comments or concerns.