Specialists in Commercial - Industry Door Repair / Installation

Commercial Doors

Specialty Doors can help you with all of your commercial door needs. We have helped many organizations install, repair, and replace functional, affordable doors. Let us help you!!


* All Commercial Doors
* Fire / Smoke Doors
* Steel & Acoustical Doors
* Strip Doors & Curtains
* Cold Storage Doors
* Door Hardware
* Transmitters
*Traffic Doors


* Same Day Service
* Complete Electrical
* 24 Hour Emergency Service
* 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
* No Travel Charge for Local Area
* Free Safety Inspections

Why Specialty Doors of CA?

*The largest number of products and services under one roof
*Broad service area to handle all locations throughout Southern California
*Cross trained technicians handle multiple service issues on one service call
*Satellite tracking on all service vehicles ensures efficient routing and accurate billing
*Extensive inventory of products in stock to provide the right fix on the first call
*Excellent Quality and prompt, dependable service 24/7