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Rolling Steel Fire Doors

Rolling Steel Fire Doors are designed to close and seal an area when there is the presence of smoke or fire, to help stop the spread from one area to another. Fire Doors can be operated manually or with a motor operator. These doors can also operate as a regular Service Door even with a Fire Door classification.

Rolling Steel Fire Door features Include:

(UL) approved
Automatic closing from a variety of mechanisms fitting your needs
Fire door testing and certification available
Regulation 4 (Reg 4) Certified

Hollow Metal Fire Doors

Hollow Metal Fire Doors have the same characteristics as the standard Hollow Metal door.

Specialty Doors offers a variety of Hollow Metal Fire doors, frames, and hardware that help promote safety.

Hollow Metal Fire Door features include:

  • Available in 16, 18, or 20 gauges
  • Manufactured and labeled to meet your rating requirements
  • Full flush and seamless construction
  • Variety of fire-rated hardware available to meet your fire safety requirements
  • Fire door testing and certification available
  • Regulation 4 (Reg 4) certified

If you are in need of repair or looking to install fire / smoke doors at your facility, please contact us today for a free estimate!