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Traffic Doors

Specialty Doors + Automation offers a full line of quality traffic doors from established manufacturers such as Chase and Perma Tech to fit all applications. We also offer strip doors at discounted prices. Let us find the door that meets your requirements.


* Monolithic 1/4" thick "crosslinked" polyethylene construction
* Sixteen Standard Colors
* Molded-in window design
* 11 gauge internal steel reinforcement
* Non-CFC urethane foam core
* Corrosion-Resistant
* Sizes up to 10' x 10'
* Designed specifically to withstand punishing man-ridden vehicle traffic


Choose from 8 different vinyl strip formulations in 6 different widths and 4 different thickness with over 36 different combinations of characteristics including: ultraviolet and visible light screening; sound attenuation; anti-static qualities; clear or opaque; low temperature resiliency; reinforced; ribbed; safety orange and a selection of colors.