Specialists in Commercial Door Repair / Installation

With Simplex Strip Doors you can cover door openings, both large and small, yet ensure easy pass-through by a technician, transport cart or forklift.

Simplex vinyl strip doors prevent up to 80% to 90 of air loss that occurs when main doors are opened or left ajar. In cleanroom settings, AirBlock Strip Doors mean environments remain protected from contamination.

In industrial applications, ArmorBond Industrial Strip Doors mean temperatures remain stable, there is less food spoilage, less shrinkage, less frost build-up on coils. So Simplex strip doors mean reduced wear and tear on compressors, motors and switches.


Choose from 8 different vinyl strip formulations in 6 different widths and 4 different thickness with over 36 different combinations of characteristics including:

  • Ultraviolet and visible light screening
  • Sound attenuation
  • Anti-static qualities
  • Clear or opaque
  • Low temperature resiliency
  • Reinforced; ribbed
  • Safety orange
  • And a selection of colors.

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